This is my playground. Tell me your desires.


A minor adjustment.
Great blog. Have you ever tried a magic wand? I'd love to cover you in oil and massage you with my Hitachi wand until you are wet and begging to have it on your pussy. After kissing your pussy I'd finish you off with it as I stroke your g spot!!!


I’ve never tried a magic wand. What am I missing?

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Love, love, LOVE!
do u like anal?


Just pressing and licking and maybe a finger. Teasing it mostly.

I want to suck on your nipples while my fingers tingle your clit. Sliding in and out. You sit on my face. Tasting your sweet wet pussy. I want you to cum on my face.


Mmm. I could get used to this..

I would love to see video of a woman going down on you.


I would love to FILM video of a woman going down on me.